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QUIST Cuff Bracelet

QUIST Cuff Bracelet

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  • Material:  approx. 2,5mm thick 100% recycled Sterling Silver (925)
  • Finish/Texture: rough and matte
  • Size:  S (18cm) M (19cm) L (20cm)

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When the larch's leaves fall in the fall, it leaves behind fantastically fine contours on its branches. next year's buds that lie and rest until spring. In the same way, I want to have circulation in my studio with the silver and be able to give it new life. Each bracelet is unique in itself just like the branches of the tree. 

The cuff is made out 100 % recycled sterling silver that is approximately 2,5 mm thick. The rough finish is decorated with small raised beads symbolising the larch thee buds. The bracelet can be ordered in small medium and large size.