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My Story and Design

People around me asked where I had bought the jewelry and my answer was simply; “I didn’t buy it, I actually made it myself”

I can see that this world of fast fashion and fast jewelry and that there still was a place for elegant and timeless high-quality pieces that got worn time and time again.

In 2019 I took the leap of faith and started my jewelry business to make my own designs and creations available for more people than myself and my loved ones. All pieces are handmade with high quality materials and craftsmanship in my jewelry studio in Helsingborg, Sweden

My Design 

I design and create high quality silver jewelry that are timeless, emphasizes inner beauty and empowers the person wearing them.

Each of the collections has its own special character. Whether it is based on my fascination of nature, inspiration from strong, curious and passionate women  or as simply as capturing the silhouette of an object. I want to show that these moments can be captured and crafted to truly timeless, elegant and beautiful pieces.

My jewelry is designed for everyday wear that can be dressed up and down. I want the jewelry to represent something that gives the person wearing them an extra confidence boost or possibility to carry the memory of a special moment in their life.

This is only the start of my jewelry journey and I would love to have you with my on the journey.


Minna Sundqvist 

Owner and Jeweler