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Jewelry care

How to take care of your jewelry

Every piece of ViridiNordics jewelry is designed to last for years to come and even a lifetime, but all precious jewelry will naturally tarnish over time. Follow the instructions on how to take care or your jewelry. So that you can enjoy your favorite pieces longer. 

Why does sterling silver jewelry tarnish over time?

All sterling silver jewelry will age and tarnish naturally. However, with proper care, your jewelry will retail it’s beauty and shine.

Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. It’s the other metals, primarily copper, that cause sterling silver to tarnish.  This process is called oxidization and results in a tarnishing effect on the silver. This is the chemical reaction that copper have with the air. This is what creates that blue/brown look on the silver. It can also leave marks on your skin if you haven’t cleaned the jewelry.

Preventing tarnish and how to store your jewelry

Here are some tips on how to help prevent tarnishing on your silver jewelry from happening in the first place. Preventative care is always easier than aftercare! 

  • Wear it often: One of the easiest ways to prevent tarnish is to simply wear your silver jewelry often as opposed to letting it sit in a jewelry box unworn.
  • Remove during household chores: Substances with additional sulfur like household cleaners, chlorinated water, perspiration, and rubber will accelerate corrosion and tarnish. Therefore, it’s a good idea to remove sterling silver jewelry before cleaning.
  • Put your jewelry on last: For generations, women have been putting their jewelry on last and that’s for good reason! Body lotion, makeup, hairspray and perfumes can speed up the tarnishing.
  • After taking of your jewelry: Clean it with a dry soft microfiber cloth, or polishing cloth, before putting it back into an airtight container.
  • Avoid keeping jewelry boxes in the bathroom:  Silver tarnishes faster in areas with high humidity and warm air.
  • Store pieces individually: storing your pieces separately prevents any chance of jewelry scratching or tangling with each other.
  • Storing the jewelry:  In a cool, dry and dark place away from sources of sunlight, heat and moisture. You can use the jewelry box that our jewelry is delivered in since they do not contain any harmful chemicals that increase tarnishing.
  • Storing for a longer period of time? Try sealing it in an airtight bag (zip-lock) to protect it from oxidation and humidity.


How to clean your silver jewelry

Here are some silver cleaning methods that I suggest for your when cleaning the jewelry at home (with no harmful chemicals):

  • Soap and water: Try with this as the first option since the soap and water is the most gentle cleaning method. You can also use a super soft toothbrush to get into every nook and cranny you need. Rinse under running water to remove all the soap from the jewelry. This works perfectly also for jewelry with glass beads.
  • Baking soda and aluminium foil: This is an eco-friendly cleaner and it’s our favorite cleaning method for jewelry. This process causes a chemical reaction that removes tarnish from the silver within second or minutes.
    Line a bowl with aluminium foil with the shiny side facing you. Place the jewelry pieces in the bowl. Add baking soda on the top of the jewelry pieces and pour boiled water into the bowl so that it covers the jewelry pieces. Follow the process and when the jewelry is clean remove them from the bowl and rinse well under running water. 
    Note! We do not recommend this cleaning method for jewelry with glass beads.
  • Dry well and finish with a polish: After you’ve given your jewelry a good cleaning, the next step is to dry well with a clean and soft microfiber cloth before storing it. You can also finish the process by using a polishing cloth that is pre-treated with gentle chemicals to restore silver's natural brilliance. Remember to focus on maintaining long light pressure on the up-and-down strokes to get the best result. Be mindful of delicate jewelry and the thin wires.
    Be sure to avoid polishing any part of the jewelry that is intentionally oxidized. 

 Note! I do not recommend the usage of toothpaste since the abrasives can damage the surface of the silver and create scratches.


Final thoughts

All in all, keeping your sterling silver jewelry clean comes down to maintaining a balance of regular at-home care and professional cleaning appointments. I suggest an annual cleaning by professionals for all jewelry.

Remember that it’s easier to prevent tarnish than it is to remove it after it occurs. If you see tarnish beginning to form, be sure to clean it immediately. Following these steps will help keep your sterling silver looking like new for years to come!


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