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VERNA Necklace, medium
woman model with medium silver necklace with leaf texture

VERNA Necklace, medium

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  • Material: 0,5 mm thick Sterling Silver (925)
  • Finish/Texture: leaf inspired
  • Size: Chain length 45 cm, Pendant width approx. 1,9 x 2,1 cm

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When the summers green turn to the autumn bronze yellows and then to the monochromatic grays and whites of the winter. No more lush soft shapes covered in all the shades of green, the only thing left in sight is the Nordics evergreens with their spiky and dark looks. I wanted to bring something to my collection that could bridge this gap between summers softness to the new and awaited spring.

This necklace is handcrafted from 0,5 mm thick sterling silver and is 45 cm long together with the chain. The leaf inspired textured surface brings them almost alive.The necklace sits nicely on chest and is slightly domed to create a feeling of a leaf.